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Sensory Play

Jello Sensory Play

I made a Jello sensory mold. I decided to make Paris some Jell-O to pack in her lunch, and while making it, I came up with the idea to do a sensory mold. I added the numbers 1-3, and added frogs in a specific color to match the number all with some wet Jell-O mixture in one of my polish pottery bowls. Then I let it chill in the fridge overnight. The girls loved it!!! It gave us over 30 minutes of undivided attention during Paris’ virtual occupational therapy. I’m thankful because Riley has started demanding to be included in Paris virtual therapy sessions. Lol. This way she can be included, entertained, and not take time from Paris. C help me set up and play with the girls. We had a lot of fun and their occupational therapist loved it.

Hanging Balloon Sensory Play

You do not have to break the bank to plan activities for your little one. I blew up 3 balloons, took an old ribbon that was tied around a baby blanket and cut it in half. I took those two strips of cut ribbon, tied a ballon to one end and taped the other end to the ceiling. I left one balloon untied to teach a baby physics lesson 😉😂. $3 activity. Riley loved it. Then when it was time for Paris to come home. I added one balloon with beads and one balloon with brown rice for sensory. It gave the girls a full day of fun.

Cheerios Sand Sensory Play

DIY Cheerios Sand Sensory Bin. I blended a box and a half of Cheerios in my Vitamin blender. I then added glitter for a fun color aspect, and put down a tarp in the garage since it was raining. Paris had a great time. I always try to get items that are edible, but not tasty because Paris tries to put everything in her mouth. However, I’m trying to slowly give her lessons on what is and isn’t okay to taste using positive parenting. Thank you to to my childhood friend Megan for sending me this idea, and we thank Paris’ speech therapist for giving us the Cheerios and glitter. The Vitamix blender is one of my favorite Kitchen appliances