My Mission

The mission of Supernova Momma is to help Black and Neurodiverse people break generational curses from systemic racism and ableism in households, schools, and offices to receive support in a mutually caring, empathetic, and respectful environment.

Supernova Momma uses a four-prong approach to accomplish this mission called the NEED System:

  • Network: Building relationships with organizations and advocates of Black and Neurodiverse parents online and in my local community.
  • Empathize: Learning and listening to the parenting concerns and practices of families of all cultures and backgrounds. Respecting and researching different cultural practices, historical data and events, and socialization. 
  • Educate: Providing Positive Discipline classes and workshops, One-on-One coaching, & public speaking to families, educators, and companies.
  • Demonstrate: Showcasing Positive Discipline methods and tools for Black and Neurodiverse families in action through videos and words. Sharing daily resources, encouragement and inspiration.