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Little Black Girls Book Club

Paris and Riley would like to encourage you to join them in reading for fun, education, exploration, and empathy.

Paris and Riley were adopted by an amazing group that calls themselves #RichAunties on Twitter. That group sent Paris and Riley over 90 books featuring BIPOC and/or BIPOC authors. I wanted to share this blessing by creating an Amazon list featuring all the books and starting a book club. The Little Black Girls Book Club. This book club hopes to encourage children (particularly little Black Girls) to read more books with BIPOC and to explore the resources of their local library. All logging will be done with your local library. If you need help finding your local library summer reading challenge, we got you.

What’s Encouraged?

This is a Book Club for Little Black Girls ages 2-9. Therefore, the expectations are simple.

  • Sign up for your local library summer reading program
  • Try to read books about or written by BIPOC
  • Try to log all your books
  • Have Fun
Click the picture to review the Little Black Girls Book Club Amazon List

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Little Black Girls Book Club Sign Up Form

The child with the most books logged will receive a prize box of little Black Girl books, one Black Girl doll, and Black Girl ABC Affirmation cards from Liberated Young.

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  1. Cia

    Where do we log our books that we’ve read?

    1. Natasha nelson

      Your local library’s summer reading challenge log. I have a tutorial to show how to find it in the folder

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