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Paris and Riley Try on Shades

Paris and Riley are Autistic Toddlers with Sensory Processing Disorder. They both struggle with the sensory overstimulation of the sun being in their eyes. However, they love our daily walks around the neighborhoods and local park. They were not interested in the regular shades we tried at the dollar store or Old Navy, so we tried shades from The Shaded Babe by Alana.

It was a raving success! They loved the different designs and color options of the shades. They even keep them on their face while walking and adjust them when they fall.

I think giving the sunglasses’ other sensory aspects, like different shapes and colors, helped my children relate and relax. Therefore they were more open to try them on and see their benefit. Riley, in particular, is our sensory avoider and truly hates the sun being in her face in any way. Paris kept adjusting her glasses for her during our walk because she chose the largest and most extravagant pair.

Paris helped “fix” Riley’s sunglasses the entire walk