Despite the Time-In being a well loved tool of conscious discipline and positive discipline,  most resources don’t have Black children or they show the Black Children with negative emotions. Therefore, I made The Cool Calming Corner, a Time-In printable poster set that features Black and/or multicultural children of different shades and hair styles, and teaches them emotional intelligence and coping strategies through a love of hip hop. Representation does indeed matter, and BIPOC and POC deserve to see children who look like them when practicing these positive concepts in the classroom.

Supernova Momma’s The Cool Corner sets allows children to identify their emotions and feelings, pick a coping strategy, and work on focusing on a solution in a safe and sensory positive space.  Just like with math, or reading, there is a fundamental foundation to emotional intelligence and management

These are PDF printable poster set for download. This leave you with a choice in what size they are printed and how they can be hung. All custom orders will receive an email requesting a photograph or description of the child/children they wish their corner to modeled after wishing 24 hours.

We now have both Black and Multicultural Classroom sets for purchase by teachers and licensing by schools and districts!

What’s Included

  • The Cool Calming Corner Name Poster
  • In My Feelings Poster
  • What We Do? Coping Strategies Poster
  • This is How We Do It Activity Poster
  • Where’s Your Head At? Brain State Poster
  • Breathe, Stretch, Shake, Let It Go Poster